Welcome to Hertugbyens Camping.

The campsite is located up to the forrest, the park to Augustenborg Castle and to Augustenborg fjord on the island of Als.

A small cozy campsite on a large area with plenty of space, lovely nature, lovely quit and high to heaven. 

You will always be able to find a place with a view of the sea. 

There are lovely paths in the forrest all along the water, which invites for walks with direct access to the castle and the park from campsite.

In connection with the campsite, Leif sells his freshly caught fish. Also buy freshly smoked fish from our own smokehouse, fresh salmon, delicacies and other things in our farm shop. 

Please look "Billeder"

June 11, 2019, there is a big concert with Bon Jovi, 8 kolimeters from here.

On July 4, 2021, the third stage of the Tour de France in Sønderborg is completed. Experience (with the whole World) the great event and set-up just 8 kilometers from here. Suitable bicycle distance.

We cycle to the Tour de France.  

We are daily people with a good mood and look forward to your visit.